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Welcome to planetnerve8
The world's biggest online radio station (that broadcasts from our block!)

This station was inspired by the knowledge that there is a huge quantity of great music out there that most people are not getting exposed to. We want to play at least a small part in changing that.

We launched in September 07 with a series of one hour shows and added our first 24/7 stream in August 08.

What will you hear? If there's a common denominator, it will be a focus on good musicianship and good songwriting. If an artist needs a video to make the song interesting, then, in our humble opinion, THE SONG SUCKS! As we grow, we'll add channels focusing more on specific styles but our flagship channel will always have a wider range of material than you'd expect on most radio stations. Led Zeppelin, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Pat Metheny and some great independent artists all in the same hour? Why not?

We won't play "just the hits", we'll dig deeper into the albums. 

Example: U2 is considered by many to be the "biggest band in the world." Yet, unless you bought their last studio album, (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, as of this writing), you haven't heard eight of the 12 songs on the album. Only four songs had a reasonable amount of radio (or video) play. Two of our favourite songs were amongst the eight that didn't get airplay. More importantly, if most people haven't heard the majority of the material from the "biggest band in the world", what hope does a small up-and-coming band have? or an artist or band that doesn't fit into the mainstream?

Example 2: If we play something by a 'classic rock artist' such as Jimi Hendrix, instead of playing Foxy Lady or Purple Haze (which you've heard a million times), we'll be more inclined to play something less well known such as something off a side project he did called Band of Gypsies (which we believe to be his finest work).

If playing well known songs, we'll try to get live versions as we want to encourage the support of live music.

We believe people are capable of enjoying more than one style of music.

We believe that good music was being made 30 years ago. We believe that good music is being made today. We don't accept that you have to choose one era over the other.

If music is more to you than background noise, if it's something that you really care about, we ask you to join our mailing list. (Yes, this is exclusively for our own use. Our listeners are very important to us and the last thing we want to have happen is people getting choked with us because they're getting spammed by who knows who. Also. you can unsubscribe at any time).

Why join our mailing list?
1. There will be many changes and enhancements over the next few months. Even if what you hear right now is not completely 'up your alley', we'd like to update you as we add new channels.
2. This way, you can be notified when new shows are added.
3. We'd really like to hear your feedback and suggestions. However, to minimize inbound spam, we will only accept inbound emails from email addresses registered in our mailing list database.
Thank you for checking us out. If you like what you hear, tell some friends. If this is not really 'up your alley', crack a beer and re-listen. If you now like it, tell some friends. If it's still not 'up your alley', crack another beer. Re-listen. Repeat as necessary.

Oh what the heck. You can never have enough stuff to delete from your inbox. Put me on your mailing list.

Enough verbage. Get me to the tunes!

Warning: Please do not listen to this station without first reading the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: We truly, truly hate to include a disclaimer. We like to credit our fellow human beings with at least some semblance of common sense, to say nothing of having a sense of responsibility for one's actions (especially our beloved listeners!). However, this is the internet. One never knows who might end up visiting one's website. We have, therefore been advised to state the BLEEDIN' OBVIOUS.
To wit:
We are not responsible for the thoughts, opinions, advice, actions or body odour of any person or company listed on this site or mentioned in any way by our station.

We are not your mother and as such are not responsible for any decisions you might make or actions you might take as a result of any type of contact or communication with any person or company mentioned in any manner by this station (including ourselves). If you burn your lip on a cup of hot coffee served at a restaurant mentioned either verbally or in print by this station, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT! Please consult with your accountant, legal adviser and whoever wipes your nose when you catch a sniffle before doing anything that is any way related to this station.

Furthermore, please be advised that listening to loud music can cause permanent hearing loss (and might also alienate your neighbours). Please consult with your physician (and your neighbours) before listening to anything on any device.
Frequent exposure to this station may irrevocably stretch the boundaries of your musical taste.
Even limited periods of listening might expose you, without any prior warning, to bad puns. In rare instances, these may be very bad puns.
On spelling: We have chosen to write the english language in....well, english. Hence why you saw a "u" in "neighbour." However, being based in Canada and perpetually torn between our British heritage and the overwhelming cultural influence of our southern neighbor, we may occasionally suffer from inexplicable spasms and contortions of language. (To our friends in Quebec, yes we know that Canada has a French heritage also but we are currently discussing the challenges associated with english). 

Consider yourself warned. Proceed further at your peril and having absolved planetnerve8 inc. of any and all responsibility for any outcomes, real or imagined.
And hey, have a nice day!
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