If music is a vital part of your life, you're in the right place.

We believe the following:

1. There are some truly talented musicians out there committed to excellence in original music who operate outside the mainstream machine.

2. Music fans who have the ear to recognize and delight in musical excellence when they hear it, do exist

3. The above two groups have a really hard time finding each other.

It is our mission to bring these two groups together. Won't you join us?

Expect from Us

We will be presenting to you a fast-growing selection of music by artists for whom the creation of great music transcends fashion or trend. Music you can listen to and appreciate the subtleties and craftmanship they bring to the recording.

You will notice a very short "thank you to our sponsors" at the beginning of videos. To preserve and strengthen the integrity of this artform we love called music; it is vital that artists have the ability to grow their audiences without engaging in the production of 'fast food music' to pay the rent. Our sponsors are businesses that believe in supporting the arts and they provide the funding required to operate this site and fund the advertising campaigns we run to promote these artists. Please take a moment to become acquainted with these true patrons of the arts.

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Expect from You

When listening to an artist (or song), you haven't heard before, give them a fair shot. Pay attention to the lyrics, to the subtle inflections in the vocals, to the choice and performances of the respective instrumental parts. You're not going to fall in love with everything we present but spend at least 45 seconds on a song. Unless you really don't like the song, we highly encourage you to give it a couple more listens over the next couple of days. Some of the best songs take a few listens to really grow on us.

When you find a song you like, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page and share what you just listened to and what you like about the song. Also, if you were sharing the song with a friend and you have to choose one section of the song to play for them, share what section that would be.

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