Music: A pleasant sound in the background or something that touches your soul?

Three Simple Steps to Help Preserve the Production of Quality Music

1. Like/Follow their social media profile 

 When you discover an artist that that brings good musicianship and good writing to the table, give their page a 'like'. 

Why? Not so you can keep updated on their new releases and tour dates. That barely works anymore. When a band puts up a post on Facebook, that post will be displayed to fewer than 6% of people who liked their page.

The reason: Many venues and festival organizers book performers based NOT on the QUALITY of their MUSIC but instead based on the QUANTITY of their social media followers.

If you want to improve the quality of acts you get to see in your local area, make sure you give quality acts a fighting chance at getting gigs by liking/following their social media profiles.

2. Join their mailing list

Don't worry. Your inbox won't get slammed. Musicians would rather write music than emails. But this is how you can find out when new material or videos get released and also when and where they're playing live. (As mentioned above, social media alone is not getting this job done effectively).

3. Commit to three listens for a new song/artist (unless you really don't like it).

Some of my favourite performers and most cherished songs took a while to grow on me. I'm sure you can relate. I shudder to think of the great acts/songs I would have missed out on if I hadn't given them a few listens (at least). Once upon a time, radio fulfilled the role of introducing us to great new music. Today, we have to take a much more pro-active role on discovering great new music.