We are truly grateful for the financial contributions of our sponsors. This site would not exist without them.

Furthermore, a key component of our mission is to help musicians build a long term, sustainable career in music. (If talented musicians can’t make a living in music, what kind of music do you think we fans will be listening to in the coming years?) One of the biggest challenges we see for artists producing high quality original material is finding ways to expose their music to new listeners.

Our Music Outreach Initiative involves running ads on social media sites to create exposure for talented artists. All funding for these ads comes from sponsorship.

Founding Sponsors

Our founding sponsors are all local business owners in the New Westminster, BC area (part of Greater Vancouver for those of you ‘from afar’ 😊). These are all people who believe in supporting the arts and have been willing to take money directly out of their pockets to support artistic ventures, including ours. If you have any need for the services they offer, please do consider thanking them for their support by giving them your business.